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Childhood's End

Bob G, my best friend from elementary school recently blogged about some of our Star Trek experiences as kids.  I actually have a cassette tape somewhere of one of our "meetings" (we called our club "Trek-A-Thon" :-) from when we were around 10 or so.

He also once wrote a wonderful short story about a sledding adventure of ours.  If he ever posts it, I'll link to it.  It wouldn't be right for me to post it myself.

Bob and I hung out together just about constantly in elementary school.  We also both went to Hunter College High School (4 kids from our 6th grade class at P.S. 196 got in, we were the only two who wound up going), but started growing apart there.  We weren't in any classes together and simply got invovled with different groups of friends.  We've had spurious email contact over the years, but got more in touch a few years ago during the planning of our 20th high-school reunion.  It's always fun reading about his childhood memories since they wre often things I experienced as well.

UPDATE: Bob is my bitch.  ;-)  The infamous sledding story.  Thanks, Bob!
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